Chateau de Petite Somme

Janmashtami Fundraising Drive

Total only €10.000

Thank you:

Dr. Luckyram € 200
Rupa Manjari € 108

Monica Gierdharie €108

N. Gierdharie € 108

Prem Gierdharie €108
Danny Biharie €108
Richard Gierdharie €108
Jane Gierdharie €108
C. Gaya €108

J. Fortuin €120

Govinda Tours €200

May Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha bless you and your loved ones!

BALANCE to fundraise:  € 8.616

GopinathaB090109Flowers for the deities: €308

sem halva

Maha sweets for the swinging of the Lord: €2.008

Free complete veg. meals for 3000+ visitors: € 6.608

Plates, cups, spoons: €1.076

Other options:

1. Participate in Prasadam Sevak (veg. meals): 108 Euro

2. Participate in Maha-prasadam Sevak: 508 Euro

3. Daanveer: 1008 Euro

4. Participate in Pushpa daan (flowers): 80 Euro

5. Dhaam Sevak: any voluntary donation.

Bhagavad-gita (17.20):

dātavyam iti yad dānaṁ dīyate ’nupakāriṇe deśe kāle ca pātre ca tad dānaṁ sāttvikaṁ smṛtam

Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness.

To cover the costs for hosting 3000+ visitors Radhadesh needs your support!

With this festival you can participate in the offering to the Lord of nice flower garlands, flower pieces, tasty vegetarian meals complete with rice, daal, vegetables, halva, snack and drinks. Every visitor that gets a chance on this auspicious occassion to swing the Lord will receive the mercy of the Lord in the form of Maha-prasadam (a milk sweet).

Donate as an individual or as a group (family, friends, colleagues, etc).

button paypal

or do a bank transfer

The first 40 donors can receive their own real Tulasi plant

(grown here in Radhadesh) or a nice Radha Krishna Moneybank

Tulsi                                                                                                        RK money bank


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